PTOGarcia-Leza PTO Donates new Entrance Floor Mat February 2014!

In the school Year 2013-2014, our PTO donated the following items to our school:
* Two pigs and T.H.E. Wolf play for all students,
* Under the Sea play for all students,
* New Entrance Mat,
* Personal Laminators for each teacher,
* Electric Pencil Sharpeners for each teacher,
* Train ride for the Carnival,
* School Winter Holiday decorations,
* Candy canes for each students (Qty:711) when visiting with Santa Claus,
* Started the First Garcia-Leza scholarship for any of our students that graduate from MacArthur H.S., &
* PhotoKey software for doing background fundraising photos and be able to batch the images.  

In the school Year 2012-2013, our PTO donated the following items to our school:
* Collared Gray Shirts for the entire staff,
* 2 Picnic tables,
* Train ride for the Carnival,
* Lockers for paraprofessionals,
* 2 Soccer nets for students on our playground,
* 3 vaccuums for custodians,
* Plant vases (in front of the school), &
* Beautiful flexible grouping bags for all teachers.

Yarisel Ridriguez
Current PTO President
​Catrina Flores
Current Vice-President

Veronica Yanez
Current PTO Secretary
Maribel Reyes
Current PTO Secretary

Olivia Gongora
PTO Treasurer

Ana Lilia
Ana Lilia Garcia
Past PTO President
Still helps out!

Gloria Avila
Past PTO Vice President
Still helps out!