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I am Elizabeth Hopson, your Lightning Bug Information Literacy Specialist. I enjoy working with our students, parents, and teachers to create a warm and welcoming environment. The library is a place for us to work together, learn, and explore new adventures through reading,storytelling, and conversation. 

At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.--Barack Obama

Family Day in the library

Please join us for Family Friday in the Library!picture
Family Friday in the Library is every Friday at Garcia-Leza EC/PK Center. Family members can sign up for a library card and check out up to 5 books to take home and share with the entire family!
It is easy and it is totally free!  Please come by the library on Friday between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM to choose your books!
*Library is closed from 11:05-12:15 for lunch and duty.*



The Leza Library is Proud of our Readers!
We have many things to celebrate at Garcia-Leza. Most recently, the Leza Library wants to acknowledge our students that have started reading! We are proud of the hard work from students and the support they receive from their teachers and families. The library will display a picture of each reader when they demonstrate their reading skills in the library on Fridays. Congratulations, Reading Lightning Bugs!

Scholastic Book Fair 
The Book Fair is coming . . . !img

More details will be sent home with your child.