Barbara Williamson

SPPCD Paraprofessional


    Carol Hyun

Four years ago I began teaching in the Aldine school district as a substitute teacher. I subbed mostly in elementary schools but one day decided to sub in a special education class. I loved my day and loved getting to know the children. After coming to fill in at Garcia-Leza, I was asked to stay. And for the last two years I have been a para in special education. The only hard part of my job is saying good-by at the end of each year to my students.

SPPCD Paraprofessional

______________________________________________________________________________ Yuridira Fajardo

Inclusion Paraprofessional

______________________________________________________________________________  Lakia Heaggs

SEALS/SPPCD Paraprofessional  Teresa Lara
LMC Paraprofessional  Tonya Fultz
Reg Ed Paraprofessional  Jessica Vivaldo
SPPCD Paraprofessional  Jesus Hernandez
Reg Ed Paraprofessional  Rosa Castro Barron
This is my second year at Garcia-Leza EC/Pre-K Center. Working your children is a wonderful experience. My satisfaction is to see the students progress and the smile when they understand. It make me glow inside!

BIL Paraprofessional  Marisa Rodriguez
BIL Paraprofessional  Oralia Rendon
This is my firstyear as paraprofessional at Garica-Leza EC/Pre-K Center. This has been a greatexperience working with your children and I look forward to helping themincrease their educational skills.

Reg Ed Paraprofessional  Socorro Burciaga
Reg Ed Paraprofessional  Eva Munguia
BIL Paraprofessional  Mirza Valladares
Reg Ed Paraprofessional  Rhina Diaz
BIL/Reg Ed Paraprofessional         Maria Ramirez Martinez

BIL Paraprofessional  Jacqueline Sayavedra
Hello.  I am delighted to be a part of the Garcia-Leza family and my first priority is my students. I graduated from the University of Houston- Downtown and received a Bachelor of Science.  I obtained my teacher alternative certification from ACT Houston.  I am joyful to serve our students not only as an educator but as a mentor and counselor.

BIL/Reg Ed Paraprofessional


Karen Flores     Karen Flores

BIL Paraprofessional


Janie Rubio     Janie Rubio

BIL Paraprofessional

Mayra Guillen     Mayra Guillen

SPED Paraprofessional

Marlene Pacheco     Marlene Pacheco

SPED Paraprofessional