Welcome to Norma Garcia-Leza Primary School 



Garcia-Leza Primary students will receive a foundation in education that ensures academic success.


Garcia-Leza Primary School will provide optimal educational experiences that will prepare every student for elementary school.

Our Beliefs:

  1. All students can learn and will have equal opportunity.
  2. All parents will be held accountable for the development of their child.
  3. The community has a shared responsibility in the development of the child.
  4. All students should have a positive learning environment and should be safe and secure from harm.
  5. All teachers will participate in continuous staff development to ensure student success.

Norma Garcia-Leza Primary School:

At the Garcia-Leza Primary School emphasis is placed on meeting the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs. We understand that meeting those needs begins and continues with the child’s guardians; therefore we embrace our families and look towards working along side with each and every one of them. At our center the use of engaging lessons provides a development and enhancement of oral language, social skill development, reading as well as math readiness. Therefore, the child is able to become a critical thinker, responsible person and productive citizen. Instruction is designed to meet the needs of children who have many diverse learning styles as well as backgrounds. Children are provided a variety of learning opportunities through modeling, hands-on exploration, discovery, dramatic play, and guided practice through direct instruction. The use of manipulatives and purposeful hands-on activities are emphasized so that the child is able to discover the abilities he/she possess. Children who attend the Garcia-Leza Primary School are given the opportunity to make choices in activities modeled by the teacher. In addition, technology is integrated into the students learning environment so that they are prepared for the technology world of today. Our highly qualified staff is ready to meet the needs of the Garcia-Leza community and is lovingly waiting to meet your child.

Norma Nilda Garcia-Leza: 

Our campus is named in honor of Norma Nilda Garcia-Leza. Ms. Leza has devoted decades to the children and staff of Aldine ISD. Norma began her career in Aldine ISD as a custodian at Thompson Elementary School, where she began her love for working with children and parents. She enrolled in college and accepted an assignment as a teacher's aide at Worsham Elementary. Through hard work and determination, she was blessed to earn her bachelor's degree and accepted her first teaching assignment in 1981 as a bilingual teacher at Worsham Elementary. She remained in the classroom for 15 years and later accepted assignments as an assistant principal and principal at Worsham Elementary until her retirement in 2003. After retiring, her passion for teaching remained and she returned to the classroom and is currently teaching at Orange Grove Elementary.

Teacher Credentials:

All teachers are highly qualified. Parents have the right to request information regarding qualifications of their child's classroom teacher.